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I am 32 years old and have been married for 6 years. I had two children under 2 (hence the blog name), but now they are actually 3 and 2. Maybe it is time to change the blog name? Drama Queen is 3 and Wildman is 2 (15 months apart to be exact). I have a Bachelor's Degree on Criminal Justice from Applachian State University (Go Apps!) and have been at my current place of employment for going on 7 years.

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    Monday, December 17, 2007
    They Say It’s Your Birthday!

    Well it's my birthday too yeah!

    Ever noticed that the older you get the more you dread the day you were born? Compound that with the fact that my birthday falls a mere 8 days prior to Christmas and it can lead to a mess. As a kid, I used to love it. Presents for a whole week….Weee! But now I find that it is a rare occasion that I get to actually celebrate all on my own. I can't remember a time in the last ten years that I haven't had to share my birthday with a final, work party, family party, etc. Everyone other year my IL's spend Christmas in New York so we have Christmas with them the week before (around/on my birthday) so I have to share my birthday with those festivities. Tis the season of go, go,go. One of these days I am going to pick another day in the summer as my other birthday. I can't imagine having my birthday on Christmas Day.

    I love Christmas, but I tend to get a little melancholy having to share my special day with everyone and everything else. Alpha Male always does a great job of trying to make me feel included and make it special, but I always feel left out. Everyone is so busy and money is even tighter at that time because everyone is focused on buying Christmas presents. Not that birthdays are all about gifts, but you know…..it's a nice gesture J I know I sound like a spoiled brat, and I apologize if I do. That isn't the intention. In the end I am very grateful for everything that I have and have been very fortunate for everything that I have been given in my life.

    A few years ago, it was common practice to give me Christmas items (like nutcrackers, crafty projects, etc) for my birthday. I quashed that real quick and let everyone know that ANYONE that gives me a Christmas related gift for my birthday will receive the same for theirs. If your birthday is in June you don't want (or get) Christmas related items so why on earth do you think that I want them. Bottom line is that I want to feel special just one day out of the year.

    This year, Alpha Male did a great job and as usual I almost messed it up. This year we are exceptionally busy. AM has been on call at work and been working a zillion overtime hours. Max is still in obedience classes every Monday (which ends tonight). Drama Queen's friend's birthday was this weekend. Last weekend, AM took me to eat at Red Robin. I have been wanting to eat there for awhile. It was ok, but won't be a regular eating place. This weekend I found myself alone with the kids since AM took some much needed ME time. He totally deserves it since I have been gone a lot over the last few months. Lord knows I know what it is like to need some me time. Saturday, the kids and I went shopping and I made some cookies. Saturday night my BFF R came to see me. Of course I busted my butt going down the stairs so I wasn't that great of company. We watched 13 Going on 30 and drank Midori Sours. Too bad I am an old foogie and didn't feel like going out. I promise one of these days R I will actually have something planned for us to do. I'm not as spontaneous as I used to be :P Sunday, AM had to work again. I have to admit that I was very disappointed since I haven't spent any time with him all week. Drama Queen had a birthday party to attend Sunday afternoon as had a great time. MIL took DQ for a little while to help her bake holiday cookies and other things (like my birthday cake). After the party, AM let me take a short nap on the couch and then we had pizza for dinner. The IL's came over with the cake that DQ announced earlier she had made. (She just can't keep a secretJ ). The biggest surprise was that The B's came too! Bless his heart, AM tried to organize a big surprise party but unfortunately everyone was busy. But all in all he did a great job. THANKS HONEY! I got the DVD "Blood Diamond", an ipod docking station thingy, some jewelry, a watch, and two itunes gift cards. We all ate cake and ice cream and had a good time. The kids ate so much sugar I didn't think they would ever go to sleep.

    So…all in all it was a good day. Thanks to my wonderful family for making my birthday as special as you could.

      posted at 12/17/2007 04:11:00 PM


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