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I am 32 years old and have been married for 6 years. I had two children under 2 (hence the blog name), but now they are actually 3 and 2. Maybe it is time to change the blog name? Drama Queen is 3 and Wildman is 2 (15 months apart to be exact). I have a Bachelor's Degree on Criminal Justice from Applachian State University (Go Apps!) and have been at my current place of employment for going on 7 years.

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    Tuesday, August 22, 2006
    Emotional Roller Coaster
    Stop the ride! I want to get off!

    What a weekend. I don't want to ever go through that must stress and heartache ever again. I hope someday Alpha Male realizes just how much I love him. I must for giving away my animals for him.


    I spent the day hanging around the house. The family that was interested in Shorty said they would be by around 6 pm so I decided to stay home with Wild Man and spend a little time with my puppy before he left. Alpha Male took Drama Queen out for a goodbye dinner and to shop for a toy for her from here Daddy. The people coming for the dog called and said they were running a little late, were grabbing a bite to eat and we should see them shortly. This was 6:10 pm.

    At 7 pm the IL's show up to visit for a minute and pick up Drama Queen. AM was trying to keep DQ out of the house until the dog was gone. We sat around and waited. No doggie- adoption people. At 7:30 pm I called AM and told him to come on home. We would deal with it if they took Shorty while DQ was here. I gave the kids baths and as soon as I was finished the people came for the dog.

    OMG! Their little boy (who is 5) was a little demon. I swear I didn't think we would make it out with our house in one piece. As soon as he came in the door he blew right past us and went straight for DQ's toy in her room. I have never seen anything like it. And he had NO INTEREST in the dog. The husband and the twin boys (who were 16 months and adorabel) loved him though.

    While hurricane crazyboy was destroying my house, we were trying to also visit with the IL's and get everything situated for DQ to leave. The couple stayed for almost 1.5 hours! Whooo wee! They were nice enough though. We put WM to bed and said our goodbyes to DQ so they could get her to bed and finish packing. It was probably a good thing it worked that way. I couldn't burst into tears with a house full of strangers now could I?

    In the end they did take Shorty. I emailed her to see how he was doing. The most timid of the twins has become Shorty's shadow. The new owner says he misses us, but he is getting taken for walks everyday and being brushed all the time so I know that he has a good home. He is getting more attention with them than we ever gave him. He is having some issues with eating, but he is probably nervous still (he has a nervous stomach). I emailed her a few ideas. I hope they work.


    My son is no longer a baby :*( Alpha Male has been wanting to put him in his twin bed for several weeks but I was reluctant. Well, Sunday he got a wild hair so Wild Man is now sleeping in his twin bed. He amazes me with how well he transistions to everything. He never fussed when we took the bottle away. He is now feeding himself like a champ (even though it took awhile) and will eat practically everything in site. He is sleeping in his big boy bed like he has been his whole life. I have pillows lining the side of the bed that isn't against the wall so he won't roll off. But he lays down and goes right to sleep. No fussing, no crying, no waking up. Simple as pie. He didn't take a nap that first afternoon, but he was overtired, in a new bed, and sometimes he just does that. I was terrified that he would be up all night, but as usual I am the one holding him back.


    I had training in Charlotte yesturday. What a waste of time. Oh well...it wasn't on my dime.

    For some reason or another I missed Drama Queen more today than I have since she left. I guess it is because I hadn't really talked to her. She would do the "hi Mommy" on the phone and that was about all I could get out of her. I sat in her room on her bed and cried for awhile last night. As much as she grates on my nerves, nothing beats her hugs and kisses at the end of a long day. But she is having a great time and that is what really matters.

    I got to talk to her for a few minutes last night. Just to hear her say she loved and missed me was enough to ease the ache in my heart a little. Only 10 more days until I can hug my little girl again!

    Tonight there is someone coming to meet the cat. I am sure they will take her. I am ready to just get it all over with at this point. The longer I have her, the more I don't want to give her up. And we really need to get this all taken care of before we leave next weekend. It just sucks that it has to be this way. I am trying to look on the positive. I will save ALOT of money by not having to buy food and vet bills. Funny... that doesn't make me feel any better.

    Anyway...gotta get back to work. Go check out my renter.

    Oh, and how do you like my new look? Anyone know how to change the color of the font and position on the header?

      posted at 8/22/2006 02:23:00 PM


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