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    Wednesday, May 31, 2006
    I think they are possessed! (02/15/06)
    Happy belated Valentine's Day! I hope everyone got a hug from their sweeties!

    What a day...DS had his last eye appointment before his surgery on Monday. The degree hasn't changed (still @ 45 diopiters or whatever) and he is using his bad eye a little more which is good. I FINALLY asked the Dr what that 45 was and basically it is the degree in which the eyes are turning in. His have stayed at 45 the entire time which I was told was good. Dr. Saunders said that there are no guarantees, but that his prognosis was pretty good since he has a lot of things on his side. His vision hasn't been effected and he uses both eyes, just not at the same time. There is about a 20 hance that he will need additional surgery but I am being optimistic. I don't want my baby to be cut on more than once. As of right now his surgery is first thing Monday morning which is good. He will be mad if it takes too long since he can't eat beforehand. Anyway, please keep my little man in your prayers Monday!

    Of course he just got a cold too! So I had to take him the the DR to make sure that there wasn't any kind of infection that would make us reschedule the surgery. Nope, just a standard cold. I am definately switching pediatricians now though. I was on hold for 20 minuted before I could even try to schedule a sick appointment. This on top of them losing DD's paperwork twice....no way! I am outta there. Back to Dr. Patel's I go. I just have to pay them the $$ that I owe from DS's birth. No biggie! I missed them anyway.

    So, why are my kids possessed? Well, DS was all messed up yesterday anyway because Tonya was closed due to her brother dying. He missed his morning nap and was late going down for his afternoon one so that messed him all up. He wasn't eating well either for some reason. After his bath I gave him a decongestant. I think it pumped him up because he was acting like a wildman! Crazy boy! He yelled and thumped around in his crib for 30 minuted before he went to sleep! And then at 3:30 am he decided it was time to play. At 4 it was time to get up. Nothing I did could put him back to sleep. I was about to lose my mind! DH made him a water bottle ( which I DID NOT want to do for fear of creating a bad habit but we will see) and I gave it to him. After that he fell asleep on my bed. I might have gotten another 30 minutes of sleep. When I got up to get dressed of course he woke up and was crying like a madman. But I had to at least get dressed and brush my teeth! Geez! So then I feed him and he is happy again.

    DD is DEFINATELY 2! She is determined to put on her own shoes, but she puts them on the wrong feet and then gets mad. This am she falls off the bedtrying to put them on and then gets mad at me for trying to help. She got 3 spankings and a thorough yelling at too. I hate to be mean to her like that, but Mommy was definately NOT in the mood for a tantrum at that moment.

    Anyway, I am about to fall asleep. Now I wish I wouldn't have went anywhere for lunch. I could have used that time for a nap. LOL

    I'll post more if I get the energy too.

      posted at 5/31/2006 09:48:00 AM


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