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I am 32 years old and have been married for 6 years. I had two children under 2 (hence the blog name), but now they are actually 3 and 2. Maybe it is time to change the blog name? Drama Queen is 3 and Wildman is 2 (15 months apart to be exact). I have a Bachelor's Degree on Criminal Justice from Applachian State University (Go Apps!) and have been at my current place of employment for going on 7 years.

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    Wednesday, May 31, 2006
    Here We Go Again (03/03/06)
    So...DH is mad at me again. What's new? He got up this morning and basically started picking a fight from the start. He says he didn't but when you get up and start telling me how to get the kids ready when I do it every morning without you I see it as picking.

    We have been waiting on our tax refund. We electonically filed so it was supposed to be in our account today. I have been excitedly waiting for it so that I can take care of bills, etc. And I am going to buy DD and bedroom suit since DS will be out of his crib by the summer I am suspecting. Anyway. At first he said that he was going to give me my half when the federal came in and he wouldl keep the rest for his half when it all came in from state. Well this morning he informs me that no, we will split what came in (after paying joint things) and that I'll get the remainder when it comes in. It isn't a big deal, but I hate it when he just changes his mind without even talking to me about it. And then I am not to say anything and just accept it. Was it the fair thing to do (split it as it comes in)? Sure! So I said something about expecting to get all my half now (which was true) and he blows it all out of proportion as usual. Now I am a horrible person and he is "repulsed" that I could be so greedy and focused on money like that. "His opinion of me has been changed forever". What a drama queen. I mean I love him dearly, but I hate that everything is so dramatic with him all the time. When it comes to how he feels/wants it is always black and white. It either is or it isn't. But if the tables are turned I have to be the flexible one. Grr!!!! Sorry but I was excited about getting a little bit of money so that I could pay off some debt and do some things for my family and the house (and maybe buy some clothes if there is anything left over). Maybe I just need to learn to keep my mouth shut? But I don't like to have to swallow my opinions on everything. *sigh* Is it even worth it?

      posted at 5/31/2006 09:52:00 AM


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