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    Monday, October 13, 2008
    Don't Feed The Trolls
    I have been accused of being a troll. Yes, sweet little ol’ me. :) I am not going to post the accusers blog or any other indentifying information, for which these accusations come. I will, however, give you a little background.

    I read several blogs. Many more than I should actually. One such blog is near and dear to my heart. Well, this blogger has a sister. A sister that many revere as a blogging-goddess of sorts. To hear them all comment on her you would think that she has sunshine and daisies flying out of her ass. However, to hear her sister’s take on the whole situation is a completely different scenario. Even before I knew the whole sibling situation, I didn’t really like “the other sister”. Her blog, to me is condescending and rude to many people, even though I don’t think that she usually means them to be that way. But since I don't know either in real life, it is one side against the other. I just happened to choose a different side.

    I know what you might be thinking. Why do I even bother to read her blog if I hate her so much? The answer… I don’t hate her. I wish that things were different between her and her family but I am not remotely involved so I really could care less. I don’t wish for violent or terrible things to happen to her or her family. She also has some really good recipes sometimes. What I do wish is that she would pull the giant stick that is up her ass out and let the past go and make up with her sister already. But that is ultimately between them and it is only hurting them when they continue to allow things to go on that way they have been for many years. That and I wish she didn’t come off as being all high and mighty all the time. But eh, that is just my opinion and it is her blog so she can write whatever she wants however she wants. Just like I can comment that I don’t agree with her or like what she has to say. That is why they invented turning the comments off. Come one come all I say!

    I have commented on her blog several times. And those comments weren’t the usual “You are so great” blah blah blah that she has become accustom to in her years of blogging. They weren’t necessarily all that ugly (I have seen and received some rather nasty ones myself) but they didn’t blow smoke up her ass either. I have to admit that part of it was to stick up for my friend or cause her just a tiny bit of distress for the emotional turmoil that my friend was being subjected to. But I never harassed or threatened her. I just let it be known that I didn’t think that she was all that and a bag of chips like everyone else. I have never called this person out here on my blog or posted her blog address or personal information for all to see. She has, however, done that to me. After one such disapproving comment, she posted my blog name and blog address for all her loyal followers to see. I personally believe that it was so they would come and attack me, as she felt that she was being attacked. Funny thing is…not one person left any comments on what a horrible person I am. So maybe I am not as evil and jealous as she thinks I am?

    Anyway. Last week she posted something along the lines of she and her husband had a tiff because she wanted to spend time with her husband but insinuated that she would rather go to the gym (or somewhere) and she and her husband had another long discussion about her not getting enough me time [paraphrased of course]. She is a stay at home mom and wanted out of the house. While I completely understand needing some me time, from reading her posts she does a hell of a lot without her kids in tow (she said her self she gets out of the house around 3 times a week). My perception of the post (and at least a few others if I understood the comments correctly) was that she was whining that she had to stay home instead of going out. This hit a cord with me since I can’t remember when the last time was that I got to go somewhere without the kids and husband on a regular basis. But that isn’t the point of this post. Once I (and a few others) left a post on the contrary, out came the ugly comments and the "leave me alone if you can’t agree with me" replies. Then she started posting about cyber stalking, retribution, and litigation for harassment over the internet. And is it a coincidence that this punished person is from the same state as me? Or that the comment for the original naysayer is still posted on her blog, but my comments (which were no where as “rude” as the original poster) are MIA? Supposedly her “lawyer friend” passed along this tidbit of information for her. (Wow! I should be a lawyer as it took me all of 10 seconds to google the same article).

    Here’s the thing that burns my ass. I haven’t ever threatened her or her family any harm in any way, shape, or form. Aggravate? I am sure I have based on her reaction. And I have only commented on her blog a few times. I have never made false accusations, traced her IP address and followed her around the internet, looked up her address and phone number, encouraged others to harass by disclosing personal information, ordered anything in her name, etc. By stating that she has looked up a name, address, and phone number illustrates that she too is stalking. It is a two way street there darlin’. Could I be sued? I highly doubt it.

    I am sure that she will come on here and read this. I didn’t post this “to get back” her. I just want to illustrate the ridiculousness of it all. Do I expect some hate mail/comments? Sure. Do I care? No. They don’t know me and I don’t know them. Think what you will. This is an open and public blog. I can’t control what people comment here other than denying the comment or deleting it all together. In a perfect world, a blogger could post a “Be Nice or Go Away” disclaimer, but since it is a public forum anything you publish on the internet is open for discussion. Why waste your breath. If I didn’t want peoples opinions (good and bad), I wouldn’t ask for them.


      posted at 10/13/2008 01:57:00 PM

    At Monday, November 03, 2008 1:33:00 PM, Blogger CPA Mom said...

    well put. Did you get any response to this?


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